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I just brought home this new hamster August 7, 2010.  A fancy male short-haired European hamster with black, brown and white hair.  He looks like he's about a couple months old.  I think I will call him, Buddy.  His room mate was not too nice to him before I brought him home.  Buddy fell asleep and never woke up Sunday October 30, 2011.   I will miss ya buddy!

Is my room mate finally gone?

See what my ex room mate did to me?   Pulled hair right out of my back.

Here I am sleeping in my self - made Mac & Cheese canoe.

Oh, I was just dreaming I was canoeing on a river of Mac & Cheese.

I think I will chew my seat opening a little bigger.

Hugh?   What's going on?

Are you looking for me?