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Copper is a dark brown and orange female teddy bear hamster with white belly that was born April 15, 2006.   See the Litter 2006 link for the baby pictures.  She passed away May 8, 2008, that's two years and two weeks old!

"Hello my name is Copper and I'm a little older than 7 weeks old June 5, 2006."

"I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters.   Oh My!"

"Is my hair OK?"  "This is my first time on stage."

"Sonic and Lucky were my Mom and Dad."

2006 - "Do you think they can tell we are in here?"

"I'll bet they think this is funny."

"Wait 'till they find the small warm treats we left behind in these stockings."

"What is this?   Pumpkin time already? - 2007"

"Why do they call it a mini pumpkin when it is so big?"

"Is that pumpkin just for me? "

"Are there any more down there?"