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I just brought home this new hamster November 13, 2010.  He's a fancy male short-haired European hamster with black, hair except for his feet which are white.  He looks like he's about a month old.  I think I will call him Junior.   On November 25, 2010,   Surprise!   Junior is actually a female so I will call her June instead!  She had a litter of ten, 3 males and 7 females.  They even stared in their very own movie.  And by the end of December 2010 most had found loving homes....  It was sad to see them all go, but I did keep one.   I named him Squeakers.  This is because all he did nearly 8 hours a night was squeak!  Mama June got sick and passed away Wednesday November 16, 2011.

All this food just for me?

I better get it before anyone else does.

I have a surprise for you this Thanksgiving Day morning! (2010)

Surprise!   I just had babies!

Many many many   babies!

We have some hair now, but still huddling together to stay warm.

Our names are:   Fred,   Hammy,  Panda,  Squeakers,  Sneakers,  Pepper,  Midnight, ...

Shhh ! Don't tell Bernice, I snuck out for a little, while she is sleeping in this morning.

Hello handsome, come here often?

Oh I get it!   The strong silent type?

So do you always bring those chucks with you where ever you go?

Your whiskers tickle. *giggle*