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Lady is a long haired tan female hamster that came home to us on May 4, 2003.   She has an extra fluffy rear and looks like a lady when she stands up and dances.  She just loves her hamster wheel, but plays with it on the outside.   She really likes a variety of foods, but is not picky about which as long as it not the same thing every day.   She also likes to run really fast in a clear ball and crash into a wall.   BANG! Sometimes before she leaves her cage for play, she stuffs all of her food and nesting into her face for fear it may not be there when she returns.   She passed away the morning of Sunday June twentieth 2004 from fast growing tumors in her pouch and neck.  We will miss her dancing much .....

"Let me go! .... Let me go! .... Let me go!"

"Let me go! .... or my face is going to explode!"

"Wait, they are taking my picture ... strike a pose."