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Lucky (Luckie)

Luckie is a white and grey colored female teddy bear hamster that was brought home August 21, 2004.   January 2005 we got a surprise to find that Luckie is really Lucky, a male hamster.   He seems to have been born with the ability to have a hidden agenda.   As he has gotten older his hair has grown wildly outward and turned brown.   He was friends with Snuggle but it was with Sonic that he became a proud father of 11 babies, 4 boys 7 girls.   He got to be with them for awhile until he passed away the evening of Sunday May 21, 2006.

"Who is that other hamster next door?"

"Is it time to take a roll in my ball yet?   OK, how about now?   Now?"

"GOT FLUFF ?   I'm showing my stuff."

"This box contains all natural ingredients."

"Here's looking at you, Mom."

"Umphhh! First the box then the ball."

"Hey I have 5 toes on my feet just like you."

Hey Snuggle stopped by to visit my home."

"I think she likes me."

"Let's play!"

"Oh boy am I tired."