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Snug is a light beige colored female teddy bear hamster that was brought home February 29, 2004.   As she got a bit older her hair turned darker and longer.   She loved to recycle boxes from grocery items.   She passed away of old age February 28, 2006.   I will miss her very much.

"I'm a small small hammie in a big big cage."

"Maybe it is not as far down as it looks?"

"OK maybe it is..."

"I can fool them into thinking I'm a small rug."

"I'm praying for some MORE food."

"I'm just window shopping, ok?"

"Got to keep my teeth clean and healthy."

"Sorry, no autographs please?"

"You looking at me?"

"Let's go visit this hamster named Lucky."

"So how come they call you Lucky?"

"Let's play!"

"I'm really growing lots of hair now."

"See, it's all over and I can't do a thing with it."

"Really bad hair day.....Sorry"

"Help!   I'm stuck and I can't get out!"

"I wonder how many miles to the mug I can get with this thing?"

"Oh I get it.   This is a mug shot."