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Sonic is a light beige and white colored female teddy bear hamster that was brought home March 4, 2006 when she was only ten weeks old.   I call her Sonic because she runs so fast.  She had a litter of 11 babies on April 15, 2006.   She passed away quietly one warm August 19, 2007.

"Yup, 10 pull ups a day and I'm only 10 weeks old."

"Now something yummy for my tummy."

"I had some very thirsty babies, April 15, 2006 ."

"11 babies, 4 boys and 7 girls."

"Where does this tunnel go to?"

"Well not very far I see."

"Hey I can do this myself!"

"See I told you I could do it myself."

"I stinked so I needed a bath.  I don't like or usually need baths."

"Can you toss me a hand towel now?   PLEASE?"

2006 - "Do you think they can tell we are in here?"

"Wait 'till they find the small warm treats we left behind in these stockings."